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Does anyone have trouble speed shifting from 3rd to 4th?

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When I speed shift from 3rd to 4th sometimes I miss a shift and hit the spot between 2nd and 4th. Anybody else have this problem? In my A4 I never miss a shift. In the bimmer it is like 4th is not straight back, almost like it is tilted towards the passenger a bit.

Reading the tech articles on UUC webpage I noticed that they recommended changing your hand position after 2nd gear so I assume other people have this problem. Is this the best way to solve it?

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I usually shift with my hand on the side of the knob, as opposed to in front of/on top of the knob. I have only mis-shifted once in this car, and that was a 1st -> 2nd. Damn shifter popped right out of 2nd because I didn't shift it fully. After a slight grind the drivetrain went "BOOOOM!" ... I almost sh~t myself on the spot. ;)

Oh and let's not forget the time Chris yanked the shift knob completely off whilst trying to do a 2nd-gear burn in Florida. :D

3rd -> 4th is actually one of the smoothest speed shifts I can do in this car. The gate setup + the lack of exagerated torque (like 1st and 2nd give the perception of) make it easier than any other combo IMO.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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