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I do most of my own work, but I wasn't up to being under the car with the motor running to get the trans fluid to the right operating temperature.

Barry...I had this job done at Jaq's garage in Fargo. I've heard good things, but this is the first job I've had them do for me. Unfortunately, I cannot flash the ECU there...have to go to Bloomington.

Regarding levels...that was the first thing I was concerned with, but Jaq's said that the fluid levels were actually good...and pretty clean.
Thanks Ken, I have an excellent mechanic here in town but same deal here.....he doesn't have any BMW specific equipment. I still haven't decided if and when I need a dealer whether I will go to The Cities or Sioux Falls. Both are close to the same distance and I've heard from one person who heard good things about Eide in SF but I'd think the dealers mechanics in The Cities would have more experience. I'll probably wait till spring and go to one of the 3 and get my car updated with the latest software.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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