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Does this happen to you?

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Passenger side seat back...continuously falls off. I took it to the dealer a few months ago to get it fixed...When I picked it up it was on, but when I got home I noticed it wouldn't last long. fell off again. I'm calling them tomorrow for another appointment. Thought I would share....
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Um, NO.

I would not be pleased.
No. If they can't fix it again, demand a new seat :)
My dad's 5 series used to do that occasionally, but then again, that was when it was more than 14 years old :p
Alex Baumann said:
No. If they can't fix it again, demand a new seat :)
I 2nd that!
I’m on my second E46 and I agree with the others that it’s very unusual. I haven’t seen any other posts about that problem, seems easy to fix though :)
Hey geomax your car is looking good :thumb:

I ordered my 2001 in Orient Blue but I chickened out at the last minute and switched to Titanium Silver. I never had a dark car like that and I was worried about the upkeep. I had a 99 328 in silver and I really liked it.
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