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Door double locked on wifes 528i :(

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Anyone ever unlock the double lock part of the door locks on a 5 series?

I really dont want to buy a door actuactor when its just the double locking part thats messed up. Its going to be bad enough getting to it with the door closed but Id like to be able to unlock the double locking part so the inner door handle will go back to unlocking the door when pulled once. Its doing the normal raises the lock post up top when you pull it and then goes back down when you release the inner door handle.
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Sounds like a bad door actuator.
More than likely but was hoping to just free the double locking part (the worm gear part of it). Guess I'll order a new actuator tomorrow. Then the fun begins trying to get it out and or the door open....
Search for posts by "QSilver7".....I think this is a factory feature in 1996-98 years (not sure, check it).

Once the door is locked from outside, a thief who breaks the glass will not be able to open the door: good and bad.

The good part: anti-theft.
The bad day I left my 16 y.o. daughter in the car, locked the door to go to the shop. She moved inside the car (reading a book), the alarm went off (motion sensor), she could not even open the door to get out! Luckily I was nearby and open the door for her.
So this could be a safety issue during an accident too.
So when I drive my E39, I do not lock the doors just in case.
I assume you've pulled the inside door handle on that door twice in succesion?
Yep. I bought the car with the door double locked. The previous owner said they took the door panel off to try to fix the window regulator (didnt know what they were doing) and when they closed the door after putting it back together it wouldnt open again. Seems to be double locked as the door lock post raises when you pull the inside door handle and then goes back down when you let go of the handle thus never unlocking.

I bought a bore scope and ran it thru the gap in the door panel and cant find any wires unplugged so no clue what he did to it.
Why don't you open the panel and look?
Well since I cant open the door thats a bit difficult. If I preceed to tear the panel off the screw in the a/c duct is going to rip it apart.

Im attempting to get the top of the panel to let go so I can remove the airbag and go in thru there to manually release the door so I can then take the door panel off and see whats wrong.

Just havent managed to get the top of the door panel to "let go" yet. Trying to do as little damage as possible.
Why don't you open the panel and look?
Had that thread bookmarked already. Actually found much better thread here :

If I can just get the top to release without damage Im home free with zero door damage. I have the airbag cover off now. Just need to get the door panel to release up top to get the ratchet in to remove the airbag.
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