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Driver Seat dead

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Hey y'all,

This is my first time posting a thread and only because I can't seem to find my problem through any other posts. Ok, I own a 2006 525i and I believe I know for the most part what the exact problem is because I worked as a porter at a BMW dealership and one of the advisors gave me his insight on what he believed to be the problem and his only solution was that I had to order a new seat from Germany for $1300 and unfortunately being a college student that kind of money isn't exactly easy to just throw out there. My driver side seat is no longer working. At all. Nothing. Heated seats, Adjustments, none of that. So what my advisor told me initially is the fuse is blown so that was $30 or so, no problem, but then once I got in my car to make sure it was all working, I touched the heated seat button and it all shut off again. So he told me it was the heated seat module inside the seat. It was cracked or something like that and it was causing the fuse for the whole seat to bust. My question is do I have any other options that the dealership isn't telling me? besides spending $1300 for a whole new seat? Because like I said I worked there for about a year and I know there's usually always an easier and cheaper option that the dealership doesn't do. Any info at all is greatly appreciated, be easy on me because I'm no mechanic and this is my first post lol.