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Driver side Halo not working/no power

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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum so please excuse me if this has topic has been covered already as I wasn't able to find a similar situation.
I have a 2009 BMW 535xi. About 8 months ago I installed the white Ebay halo bulbs recommended in another Bimmerfest forum and about a week ago I got a warning of my driver side Halo malfunctioning. When I opened up the cover, I noticed the ballast from the ebay bulbs leaked a little on the two wires that lead to the connector for the halo eye. The wires were still in good shape all the way across. No corrosion, no bare wires, no copper exposed and everything was great but when i took my power tester to it, I didn't get any power at all. I tried 3 bulbs and still nothing even though I confirmed each bulb was working in the other angel eye on the passenger side (I currently have both factory bulbs in the headlights and still only the passenger side works) What could the problem be??? The only thing I can think of is that the factory ballast went bad when the ebay ballast leaked and maybe shorted something out (Part 5dv00900000). Can this part really control the halo eye? If so, than why is everything else along with the other daytime running lights still functioning properly in this fixture? the headlights low/high beam are working perfectly and even the side brow daytime running light is still working properly as well. I found 5dv00900000 for $60 but I don't want to buy and install it only to find out that it wasn't the issue. Fuse number 56-5amp for the daytime running lights is good so that ruled out the fuses (along with having the other side still functional)
Any help will be much appreciated. I purchased the extended warranty on this car but BMW recently changed their policy and now they refuse to cover the lights at all.