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I'm still getting the stabilization initialization in progress warnings on the car. I managed to pull the codes with Bimmerlink (tried clearing but they come right back).

C95423 - ICM: Steering Angle Front Axle Effective - Single Invalid
48239C - Sensor - Steering Angle Index - Defect
D51A53 - Signal Error (IS Steering Angle Front Axle, ID:AVL_STEA_FTAX) Sender: ICM_QL - Qualifier
48078B - Front Axle Steering Angle Signal Above VFUSI Not Initialized
D01B2A - Signal Error (IF Position EPS; ID:AVL_PO_EPS) - Invalid
480128 - SBS Function - Steering Angle Effective - Model Erro

All relate to the steering angle sensor, and popped after I disconnected the battery two weeks ago for an unrelated issue. Battery is showing 87% with the last change being 25,000km ago.

Any ideas? Tried the manual reset, but no luck.
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