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Drivetrain malfunction club

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Just joined the club. This puts me over the number of service visits required for lemon law buy back so i guess im out. This time im going with a manufacturer that provides vehicle service on a level appropriate for a 100k purchase. Vehicle Car Multimedia Personal luxury car Technology
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Both banks of injectors were replaced a few k miles ago, right after both high pressure fuel pumps. Im guessing they didnt seat the injectors correctly. Would be kinda crazy if this set of injectors already failed too. Will update next week
Most of my issues have either been at a cold start, or stopped at red lights during the night time.

Also - I recall reading in my 11 manual (not sure if this changed for the 13 manual) that it advised to just start and drive off - and explicitly mentioned not to bother warming the car up. Thought this was an odd statement to see in a car manual so it stuck out in my mind.
One evening here in LA it was in the low 60's and my vehicle actually stalled out when driving from a cold start. I'm assuming avoiding letting the car warm up is fine for an N63 engine that is in good working condition, but for a "sick" engine like mine that has already had issues with the fuel delivery - it just makes it too difficult for the engine to get the fuel to the cylinders and causes mis-fires. Maybe the fuel viscosity is just slightly lower when it's below 70 degrees or so, and combined with a malfunctioning fuel delivery system - be it the injectors or the fuel pumps - it's enough to keep delivery effectively under the threshold needed for proper functioning.
What reason do they have for excluding the replacement of clogged injectors? Hadn't heard of that before. It's not like it was driver negligence that caused it.

Just dropped mine off. Dealer said they may replace all of the injectors again as there's yet another serial number out, like you said. Dealer also said that the previous dealer should have changed the plugs out when they changed the injectors the last time, but since they didn't they'll probably do that as well. Was advised that they're having lots of problems with the V8 engines.
Adam, if you don't mind posting the mileage on your car would you please.

This thread makes me worry. I have 17K on my 750Li and had a check engine light, but I was messing with the pedal box.

So I turned it off, turned the car off, restarted and the light was gone.:eek:
Under 10k miles!!:thumbdwn:
They opened what's known as a PUMA case on mine at the moment. Sounds like they're going through the motions of replacing everything in the fuel system that they haven't already replaced - starting with the spark plugs and some fuel lines.
Oh BMWNA doing anything for you on your payments? Seems like your 7 is always in the shop.
It's usually only in there for a few days at a time, but having to stop what I'm doing to take it in and pick it up again is a frequent annoyance. I at first called BMW to complain about their service dept not doing enough to make sure things were fixed right the first time, since after the initial visit their first line of repair was tightening the oil cap :rolleyes:. After maybe the third visit I told them to buy it back or I'd call a lawyer. They had some woman leave me a voicemail saying that if I continue to have problems with the vehicle I should take it in to the dealer for service. I didn't appreciate that worthless response, so I handed it over to a lemon attorney that day. Now it's already had it's fifth visit that's required repairs, so the attorney said if they don't voluntarily buy it back this time it'll go to litigation. Since the mileage is low, it should result in the majority of my lease payments being returned to me according to the formula applied by california law which is based on the portion of miles accumulated divided by 100k miles.

Anyway, back to the status update on the car. They called me today to say that it's ready. They replaced all spark plugs and one of the injectors. SA also said something about a fuel line that I couldn't understand on the voicemail. I doubt this is a long term solution, as the injectors were all replaced a few k miles ago - so if one has already failed, I doubt the others have a long life ahead of them. Hoepfully the car won't be in my possession at that point, though. Nice car that I will miss, but **** service on both a national and local level that I will not.
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Picked up the vehicle. Shows that Cylinder was slightly wet with a wet crank case valve at bank 2. Replaced 1 injector, one decoupling element, 1 crank case vent pipe, 1 connecting line was rerouted, spark plugs replaced. This is in addition to all injectors being replaced in the past and both high pressure fuel pumps being replaced. Just scanned the service order and sent it to my attorney.

Popemt - thinking of going to the suv route this time. After checking the dependibility ratings, I'll probably go with either an escalade or a benz GL.
I'd take the 2015 Escalade over the GL. The GLs interior feels heavily outdated after stepping in the Esky. BTW, if you're going to get the Escalade, make sure it's the updated version with the new emblems, 8-speed transmission, Wi-Fi, etc.
Any specific aspects of the interior you noticed to be outdated? Seems like the GL has three trim levels when it comes to the interior leather for the GL450's, and the 550's just offer the top two levels. Doesn't seem like extended leather, leather dash etc. comes into play until you reach the top tier which is a 4500 dollar option - probably something I'd skip
The V8 isn't all about the increase in 0-60 speed - the extra power and smooth acceleration is extremely noticeable when accelerating at higher speeds on the highway. It's actually so fast that it can be a bit of a liability sometimes. Takes barely any effort to throw the car from 80mph to well over 100mph in no time.

Is it worth the hassle over the I6? Probably not. This is the kind of reliability I'd expect form a semi-exotic like a Maserati, not a mass produced car engine.
To make a long story short, the 750 is no longer my problem - but now a mostly loaded (no competition package) 2014 M6 is. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in... Hopefully there won't be as many issues with this one.

Will be sad to see the 750 go, as aside from it's fuel system issues it was definitely the nicest and best looking car I've ever owned. Still looks brand new...

Re: Techron additive - I've actually only fueled up with Chevron 91 the entire time I owned the car, and tried Techron at around 3k miles. Didn't do much for me. I'll probably add it to the M6 every couple thousand miles anyway, as it's generally inexpensive.


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Thanks Whealy.

What's the difference in the fuel injector techron and the fuel system techron? Do we need to alternate using each?
Best of luck with the M6. Ours has been at the dealer for 60+ days in the first 6 months.
Oh man...well, at least we're in CA and have access to solid lemon attorneys. What issues have you had with the M6 thus far? Since it's a juiced up version of our N63 engine I guess we have to assume it inherits some of the same flaws.

One thing I wasn't prepared for is the noise these carbon ceramic brakes make. Once they've heated up from use, they are extremely loud. Work well and are really cool looking though
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