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Drivetrain malfunction club

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Just joined the club. This puts me over the number of service visits required for lemon law buy back so i guess im out. This time im going with a manufacturer that provides vehicle service on a level appropriate for a 100k purchase. Vehicle Car Multimedia Personal luxury car Technology
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Excellent group and yes, I'm in the club. I've had this issue when I had my '06 750LI upon startup and then backing up and I've experienced it twice in my 2012 750LI M Sport.

As far as the M is concerned, it happened when it was cold outside when I started the car and I just turned it off and re-started it and it went away at that time. The 2nd time, my engine light stayed on for a day or so and then all of a sudden went away when I took my wife to Walmart (go figure -LOL).

I always let my car warm up and idle down. I just can't see driving right off. Especially here in Jersey during the winter time. Maybe I'm stuck in the old days of the "Warm-Up."

I've always waited for the car to idle down as you do with every 7 that I've owned. On the times that I may have gotten the DTM before pulling off, I would just turn the car off and restart it. Kind of like restarting a computer or your phone when it malfunctions.

When it happens/ed while driving, I would pull over as soon as I could and do the same thing. It is discouraging because one shouldn't have to feel as if their on "pins and needles" when they're starting/driving their car.

As a sidebar, I'm dealing with some white smoke coming from under my hood. I just discovered THAT when I went on a 7hr drive!

You may have a valid point about the battery. I'm in Jersey and the only times that I've experienced the malfunction was when it was cold. But, my car is only 2 years old (and 2 is a couple) but that would really suck if the batteries zap out after that short amount of time.
1 - 3 of 79 Posts
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