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Drivetrain malfunction club

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Just joined the club. This puts me over the number of service visits required for lemon law buy back so i guess im out. This time im going with a manufacturer that provides vehicle service on a level appropriate for a 100k purchase. Vehicle Car Multimedia Personal luxury car Technology
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Was advised that they're having lots of problems with the V8 engines. /QUOTE said:
When I was looking for cars and my previous SA ran VIN Numbers, he advised that I get the 740 over the 750. He said he loves the 750, but they see a lot of issues with the 750 and the V8. While it's nothing definite, I took his advice and got a CPO 740. I guess it's a crap shoot, because some people may have the 750 and never have any issues with it.
1 - 2 of 79 Posts
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