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Drivetrain malfunction club

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Just joined the club. This puts me over the number of service visits required for lemon law buy back so i guess im out. This time im going with a manufacturer that provides vehicle service on a level appropriate for a 100k purchase. Vehicle Car Multimedia Personal luxury car Technology
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Adam, sorry to hear about your problem. It shouldn't happen on a flagship 100K+ BMW. It sucks. How many miles do you have?

I usually start driving within 30 seconds. I also read that warming up is unnecessary and maybe even harmful. I suspect carbon deposits. Waiting and idling is also bad for the engine and environment.
Adam, if you don't mind posting the mileage on your car would you please.

This thread makes me worry. I have 17K on my 750Li and had a check engine light, but I was messing with the pedal box.

So I turned it off, turned the car off, restarted and the light was gone.:eek:
1 - 2 of 79 Posts
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