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Drivetrain malfunction club

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Just joined the club. This puts me over the number of service visits required for lemon law buy back so i guess im out. This time im going with a manufacturer that provides vehicle service on a level appropriate for a 100k purchase. Vehicle Car Multimedia Personal luxury car Technology
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I like the "drivetrain malfunction club" we can move all the discussions to this thread, The dealer has had my car since fri night, had 35 faults in the memory, so something cascaded in the S/W, They have been driving it off and on all day, and it is performing fine. Keeping it for a while to see if it will replicate. It was cold the morning it happened to me, This may just be a S/W gremlin.

Does anyone warm their car up before they drive on cold days??
it says that in the 09 manual also, I also thought it a little odd, but I have followed that so far
computers take a finite amount of time to boot up and synch up, with 63 computers on board, there could be many permutations of how it boots and synchs up, perhaps moving off and thereby feeding varying inputs to the buss, occasionally screws up the software.
Adam G13 - Below 60 is cold !!! really !!! you have been living in CA waaaay too long!

Are carbon deposits real, These are direct injection engines. where does the carbon come from?

my car had dozens of faults, they cleared them and then drove the car for 3 days and couldn't get it to generate any faults. got the car back tonight, will see what happens over the weekend.
I didn't think they could replace just one injector, I thought they were a set
BTW, I thought I had posted the latest update on mine, The dealer drove it for 3 days after clearing the faults and could not get it to fail. last wed I picked the car up, have put 600 miles on it over the Thanksgiving weekend (drove it hard) and nothing! running like a champ.
I am beginning to believe this car needs to be driven hard to keep it running right
I think I know the source of all my faults! mon when I went to start the car(it was very cold) the battery warned me of a low charge. 5 yr old battery, when I had the drivetrain fault (alone with 34 other faults) it was very cold. my guess is that when the battery was going it could not maintain sufficient voltage for all the computers, low voltage could easily cause a computer to fault.
battery replacement was $600!! yikes
just read something about these batteries, if you ever have let them significantly discharge, (possible as little as 60%) your battery may need replacing. This may be at the core of a lot of our phantom problems.
for me, drivetrain fault was just the first fault. I ended up with 35 faults being stored. after you drive your car hard, you need to cool down your turbos, relax at about 40-50 mph for several miles before you shut down

tonight, my display seemed to screw up! no time, no odometer, part of the bmw logo stayed on. I drove home that way and will check in the morning.
I wonder how many of these drivetrain faults are just the battery, I saw that Dmann has issues when it gets cold, the battery voltage drops in the cold, when the battery gets a couple years old, it just can't make it through the night
not sure what is going on, my battery is 4 yrs old, I did some reading, normally we should get 4-5 yrs, however, if these batteries ( they have a weird glass infused mat instead of liquid. If it has ever suffered a deep discharge, it pretty much kills it(knocks several years of its life), so how do we know if it suffered a deep discharge sitting on a lot before we bought it?
1 - 11 of 79 Posts
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