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Hello everyone,

Drivetrain malfunction resolved! Thank god!!!

If anyone is having this problem, my situation may help you, read the details below.

One night going home, I decided to give the bmw a nice pull, right after the car began to misfire, loose a lot of power and no turbo followed by the check engine and the drivetrain malfunction. Was able to make it home, tried restarting and problem continued.

Took it to my mechanic, we checked spark plugs (were pretty bad but not the cause), coils were ok, my fuel pump has less than 5k miles so we discarded that, injectors were somewhat dirty so I had them cleaned by my mechanics. Installed everything and no luck. However, car did seem to improve a little. Then my mechanic decided to check the turbos, so he removed the manifolds and tubes connected to the turbo and they were completely clogged up with gunk. After cleaning thoroughly, we put everything back together and car starting like a breeze. Drove it about 50 miles, pushing it hard and driving moderately and the issue never came back.

Be careful because the dealer may want to make you buy unnecessary parts like coils, fuel pumps, injectors, spark plugs and it may not even be the case. My car was severe and I thought all hell broke loose but thankfully it took just a little cleaning and good to go.

Codes I got are the following.
140601, 140501, 140001, 150402, 140401, 140801, 102002, 150302, 150202


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