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Drivetrain Malfunction warning on 2015 M3!

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FYI guys - I noticed "drivetrain malfunction" warning (last week) in my 5week old 2015 M3 (freaking love this car!). I took my car to the service center and found a leak in the radiator, the one next to the kidney grill (apparently this car has more than 1 radiator) and got a quote for $1.8K!!!...after looking at the photo (sent by my service advisor, attached) it looks like a moving foreign material (like rock or something) that managed to go through the bigger opening in the Kidney grill, hit the radiator and damaged it. Being new to BMW (and M3) I checked kidney grill patterns among various BMW models (3/5/7 series) and noticed M3 to have an unique pattern (to grills closer to each other and the next one farther apart vs. grills evenly spaced in other models). Luckily my insurance paid the bulk of the repair cost (I paid deductible), but what the guarantee that this won't happen again?

Q to the gurus: did this happen to anyone before? (Or am I the only lucky guy here). is anything can be done to prevent this from happening again, like some sort of metal mesh behind the grills (w/o blocking air to the radiator and other parts)? Thanks in advance guys!
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Photo attached Grille Automotive exterior Metal Carbon Steel
My s4 had to put a mesh screen in front of the oil cooler to protect from flying debris
Where would you get something like that? And why wouldn't something like tachy be covered by warranty?

I had my mass air flow sensor on my 04 IS malfunction cause debris got past the air filter somehow and they covered the repair cost under warranty.
Thanks rns...
Browni1909 - I had the same impression that warranty should cover...but the service guys told me the "limited" warranty only covers manufacturing defects...
search race mesh grills for the BMW. They come custom cut for your model and application (they have multiple grills that can replace the kidney grills as well as all the openings in the lower bumper. I bought the black powder coated ones... look awesome. protect even better.
Debris hitting and damaging the car is an accident, not a warranty issue. I would at least make contact with your insurance, even if you are likely not to actually use them in the end. But you can't delay for too long.
That is horrible, given all the high priced items visible through all the grills. I found a dead leaf hanging out on the lower end of that same radiator, and was wondering how the heck it got there. Clearly there is a lot of space for debris to make it through and damage the vehicle.
Unfortunately, if they didnt leave the space, it would restrict airflow especially when you have to "stack" them in front of each other. Worse in an auto as there is the rad, tranny cooler, A/C condensor and in a 335 an oil cooler and Intercooler. Fortunatrly BMW moved the oil cooler into the drivers side just inside the wheel well. Uses the brake cooling duct for cooling... Had to mod the front slightly to install the active autowerkes FMIC. There is literally 1/4" to 1/2" clearance between the devices. To my point above, if you're concerned search race mesh grills. I've used them previously to protect those same items.Very strong and won;t distort and allow stones through; small ones possibly, but nothing big enough to damage the rads
Thanks Nachos23, this is what I was looking for...Will search the web to find an online store who sells race mesh for this model...
I think has them
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