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Drivetrain Malfunction

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Has the issue with the everlasting problem of “DriveTrain Malfunction” ever been resolved? I have a 2011 X3, 35i, with only 25,000 miles. The day before my warranty expired that message popped up. Took to the dealer and picked up the next day saying “Bye Guys I hope this doesn’t happen again after the warranty ran out. During the years, five loaner cars, many many hours at dealerships, NO BMW SERVICE CENTER HAS FIGURED OUT THE PROBLEM. I have dealt with Corporate and the decision was NOT to fix it or even offer me an extended warranty. That was QUITELY whispered to me. I wish I knew about this site before the purchase as I am thoroughly disappointed with my “dream car” I saved for a loooong time!! I’m petrified to drive long distances as it appears to pop up RANDOMLY!! I wish I had reported this car as a lemon. On top of that the glove compartment fell apart, the moonroof material split in half, and the wonderful drive train malfunction. This happened under warranty. What have others done with their X3 having this issue? I’ve read about all of the problems on this site since 2013. I would tell individuals NOT to ever buy any X3. It’s a shame because I love the car, but it’s no point, as of today, to have a car sitting with only 25,000/2011, with a drivetrain malfunction popping up intermittenly. WHAT HAVE OTHERS DONE (SOLD, TRASHED, REACHED A RESOLUTION)? I’m very very interested in your responses.
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"Drivetrain Malfunction" is really incredibly vague and of no help without grabbing an OBD scanner and figuring out what the computer is really saying behind the scenes.

have you looked at spark plugs and ignition coils? These items are what our car needed when that malfunction came up.
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