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Driving an E-46 up Rino Ramps

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A question for those of you who change your oil and use Rino Ramps for easy oil change access.

How difficult is it to drive the car (manual) up the ramps? Do they slide or stay put? Any tips for my first try at this?

Thanks in advance
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I've never had a problem with mine on any floor. Mine have small rubber feet on the bottom, and that stops them from taking off.

I usually place them right at the tire, then give it some gas and zoom up. I've had mine for nearly eight years, so I have some practice by now.

Drive up slowly and consistently. Once you hit the top, put it in neutral so the car comes to rest (slowly rolls into) the depression for the tires. Apply the parking brake, and block the rear tires.

BTW, I once (just once) overdrove the ramps! They flipped up and hit the car (not a BMW) behind the mudflaps. No damage, thankfully, but I was pretty damn scared!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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