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Driving an E-46 up Rino Ramps

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A question for those of you who change your oil and use Rino Ramps for easy oil change access.

How difficult is it to drive the car (manual) up the ramps? Do they slide or stay put? Any tips for my first try at this?

Thanks in advance
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As Vince knows, they slide like mad on my garage floor. I stick those cheap foam rubber nonslip mats under the high end, and its nice and solid.
Emission said:
I've never had a problem with mine on any floor. Mine have small rubber feet on the bottom, and that stops them from taking off.
For me, the rubber pads are totally on the wrong end of the ramp. Its impossible without extra 'traction.'
in_d_haus said:
Don't know what "Rino Ramps" are but I use these:

Griots Low Profile ramps

I just slide the ramp and extension up to the tire and drive right up! No sliding.

I have noticed that my 225s just fit on these ramps. A wider tire may hang over.

Griots also sells the Rhino ramps... At twice the price of PepBoys or WalMart. And they're wide enough for at least 255, if not 275 size tires. My 235s fit with lots of room to spare.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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