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The only thing I can recommend is practice. My dad taught me how to do it when I was 14 and I've been doing it pretty much daily at every stop ever since (hmm about 11 years now, yikes!). I realize that it is unnecessary work, but it's just the way I like to drive.

Something I just thought of... when I was first learning I made the mistake of doing it by sight (ie watching the tach), which was much more difficult. It's easier to concentrate if you use the exhaust note (and feel) instead. Roll your windows down and listen for it, your ear will get trained to the point where you know what RPM the motor is spinning by the sound. Then you can concentrate more on the feel of the shifter etc.

I'm sure it's different for each person, but for me that worked best by far.

Good luck and have fun,


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eugeneDC/TX said:
well learning tips more...

any tips on getting better at rev matching and heel/toe-ing? i'm trying it at every chance, just not getting better... any tips? thanks all
Yes, wear wide shoes!!

The pedals on new cars are not ideally placed for heal and toe, especially around town.

Cars of yore were much more fun in this regard. The designers of, say, 1960's era Brit sport cars knew about "involving" the driver in the process of driving. You really had to drive those things!!I spent a lot of time in a girlfriend's 1973 MGB back in '73. The shifter had a wonderfully accurate short throw, and the pedals were ideally placed for h&t. And the steering....ahhhhh, heaven (the car's all-out performance was nothing to brag about, of course, but it was fuuuuuun all the same).

Today's cars are really nothing like that; to me the BMW manual is not much different from, say, an Accord's (now, an M Coupe, that's another story).

You should drive to drive an "old" car (in good shape of course) sometime to see what I mean.

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