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Please help!! Window problem
I have a 2007 328i coupe. I had trouble with my driver's window not working going up and down. The driver switch for Windows , can't work on passenger window, mirror adjustments, it's like it's dead or something. The mirrors also kept making this ticking sound like it wanted to turn Everytime I start the car and a little while driving. Well, today my coworker wanted to show me how to put the windows down using the key fob. So, he did and my driver's, passengers, and sunroof did which I was truly amazed because I didn't know it could do that (sorry I'm a newbie) well, I was ecstatic. but when I started my car, and tried to put the window up on my driver side, it didn't go up! So now I'm stuck with a driver window all the way down and it's raining. So I bought a car cover for now. The passenger and sunroof works though. I just cant control the passenger window from the driver switch, only works if I lean over and use the passenger switch. Please help, I'm trying to do DIY before I take it and spend a fortune. My coworker tried to help and we saw this post that if we disconnected the cable for the side mirrors. It should work. We did that but still didn't work at all. The only thing upside is that the mirrors don't make any ticking sound now.
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