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Hi all,

I have a ***8216;58 LCI 535d, and it makes a light 'quacking' noise when you lightly blip the throttle (check video). After some research, it seems like the EGR Pressure Converter needs to be changed (however some vids show this when idling not blipping). I***8217;ve uploaded a video showing the pedal being blipped as we listen for the noise. Seems to come from the same area where the Pressure Converter is, but I***8217;m still getting familiar with the engine, coming from an M54!

Part is £102 from BMW (11747796634), but a Piersburg part is £54 on Amazon. I assume the Piersburg is the actual BMW part anyway??

My question is - what are the actual downsides of driving with this, other than this noise? Is it safe to drive? Does it need to be fixed imminently, is it a huge issue?

The car is new (to me) and I really don't want to start*tearing off the air inlet manifold just yet. It*pulls perfectly well, but I have no other 535d to compare it with!


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