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DRL Delete?

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So, would it be smart to delete daytime running lights? I'm not stupid, I know how to turn my lights on when I need to. Or should I just make it so my running lights are just my markers. I am doing this because I'm going to install HID's soon - within the next month or two.
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depends on your laws locally i guess. here, there is no requirement to drive with any lights at all on during the daytime
It say go for the DRL to marker idea. I don't have DRLs I'm guessing because It's a 89 but I like to turn my parking lights and fog lights on anyways. I think it looks aggressive, so that's why I say that.
Yeah I don't have drl either, that's weird. I guess it's b/c your car is canadian.
Do you mean the little lights in the top of you elipsoids?
Yeah it's Canadian law to have DRL's. Only when they are imported though. No one checks for them now, as far as I know.

I want to change them over to the indicators if anything, or just turn them off in general. As I said earlier I know when to turn them on lol.

There is a DIY on how to do this on a local BMW club. I will try to copy and paste it onto here. It's a very detailed DIY but sort of hard to understand if you don't understand wiring diagrams.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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