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DRL Program?

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My dealer says no way to program individual keys on DRL function.

I wanted one of the keys to turn off dtriving lights whille experimenting with Nav gear installed on my new 330ci.

If I can't do this I guess the next best thing is to hook up my digital trickle charger while key is is in the 2 position. I do turn off A/C and blower while doing this.

Any comments welcome. :angel:
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See here:

Unfortunately, DRL appears to be a car programmable function rather than a key programmable function.
Are you trying to turn off your DRL while doing some work on the car to save power while the engine is not running?

I would think a simple drive would recharge the battery to it's fullest. Or maybe play with your Nav gear while the engine is running. Can't say I would suggest hooking up a charger to power your car while your playing with the accessories. Something just doesn't seem right about that. (what do I know.. I'm certainly not an EE)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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