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**dropped bimmers thread**

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I came across this thread on another site, just thought I would share this. If you think they look stupid its ok, just dont sit here and bash them, cause I like the look. Just go to another post.

Im sure there are a few that will enjoy some of these pics.
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Those cars look sterrible. So disproportionate. I dunno, it just seems dorky. :p
I guess it's cool to have a hackie sack looking thing on the stick though.
Nah, it keeps my hand from getting cold. :p
I never said it was "cool." I just can't imagine what would possess someone to do that to their car. If you're going to mod it, make it go faster, handle better... This seems to be a HOWTO on going slower, handling worse, and decreasing comfort.
I know a guy who dropped his Audi S4 to nearly the same height. Now he can't get into his parking garage!
I always kind of thought it would be fun to have some big-ole 1950s convertible lowered and with some hydraulics in it, just to be an old white guy tooling around in it. :bigpimp: I would love to see the look on peoples faces when you pull up to a light and start playing with the hydraulic lowering and raising stuff. :lmao: Of course, it would probably get old pretty quick, and I would never consider doing it to a car that was actually meant to be driven (not CRUISED in) like a bmw:dunno: :angel:
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What in the world is so desireable about the rear wheel tuck? It's not like you can really drive the thing and if you can, you're damaging your fenders and tires and what-not... why bother? Why not give the car a TASTEFUL drop like maybe 1" or so? These BMWs are already low by other car's standards... look around and you'll see the 3-6 finger gaps on the likes of Taurus' and Civics and the like... I just don't get it. :dunno:
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I agree with all of you here :thumbdwn: A slight drop is nice but these cars look like they're dragging real badly.
Ackster said:
I agree with all of you here :thumbdwn: A slight drop is nice but these cars look like they're dragging real badly.
Imagine trying to drive one of them around Buffalo, Rochester, or hell the entire Northeast. :lmao: :lmao:
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