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agreeing with many of your thoughts

The G35 will appeal to Honda and Maxima owners who are looking to take that next financial and quality step up.

But if you want to take two steps up.. the BMW330 is the only way to go.

I liked the drive of the G35, but the interior was "lacking" something, as somebody here said I looked cheap and out of proportian, perhaps after a few generations it will be better refined, Infiniti has it's future at stake on this and the Coupe

The Design Philosiphies (?) of German car makers seem to differ greatly from the Japanese. My somewhat biased opinion is that the Germans want to design the best car no matter what the price, the Japanese want to design the best car given a certain price.

After driving the G35, I drove a 330i and loved it and bought one last thursday... Sure it does not have as many features as the G35 but it has everything I wanted. Not a bunch of extras that I will never use, but had to pay for.

I think it will be fun to see how the Car & Driver, Motor Trend, Road & Track and other Car mags review the two side by side...
(I know the BMW will win, but it will still be fun).
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