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Drove the Mustang GT

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Very nice. Trimmed up nicer than I expected, this one had the appearance package. Great sound. Great torque and smooth power band, car really flies and can be easily tweaked. Wonderful clutch and short throw stick, too bad BMW won't do it. I was shifting like I'd been driving the car for years, smooth, crisp and spot on. Didn't feel as torquey as my 540 but the speedo said otherwise...I was going faster than I thought when I let her rip, 85 after shifting out of second and a bit into third. Car only had 28 miles on it, so I didn't want to kill it. Very taut suspension, but not bone jarring. Car was tight, quiet and smooth. Not a squeak or rattle that I heard. Did I mention the great exhaust note? Also, the seats are supportive and comfortable. When I got back in my 3 with sport seat, I felt more like I was sitting on the seat rather than in. The 'stang felt more like my 540 comfort seats.
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TeamM3 said:
Ford did an outstanding job on the new Mustang :) it's hard to believe it has a solid rear axle, the new three link rear suspension is very well designed :thumbup:
But it's still a live axle so it has to suck. Haven't you read all the other threads here about the Mustang? Never mind the fact that everyone that's actually driven one has said otherwise, if you haven't driven one you MUST argue that it sucks because a live rear axle can't possibly be good.

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