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My Impressions and observations (a few)
I drove a 3.0 with stepL. Steel Grey, Alum. Trim, black interior, black top. It had the big wheels (18”) 255’s. The interior IS bigger, with adjustable steering wheel; it fit me good (6’1”). Someone wondered how it could be that much bigger inside, I think some of it is an optical illusion. The way the dash is configured, like a big car (Benz), it just seems bigger. Like some said, the window switch placement is not so good. The glove box will never rattle though, cuz soon as you open it everything will spill out! A little stretch, but not much will fit in there anyway. To open it while driving is almost impossible, if you can find the handle! It was fun to drive. It seemed “tighter” than my Z over bumps. It had the sport button, which made it almost like a different car, the engine can be “blipped” if you know what I mean. I really liked that, as my Z will not. With no underhood blanket, there is much more engine noise, and it is a good thing!
They have little covers for the mirrors in the sun visors!
You can open the trunk from inside the car. I would not fit in that trunk, and I don’t know how the commercial works. Not much for tools, got the tow ring in there though! Opening the hood was a little harder than my car, less room for fingers. Shutting that hood is going to give someone headaches when they press back too far from edge. Yep, begs for a dent! The trunk will never be a problem, unless you cut yourself on the creases! (joke) The 2.5 was there with 5-speed but I did not even drive that one. BTW, it was marked up big time, $47,495. It was Endive BlueJ, and needed the 18’s bad. That was sticker on the 3.0, the price they want had fallen off! This will keep me out of this car. The top is going to be an absolute disaster for BMW unless they get a boot for it quick. It will fade for sure, if not disintegrate under the sun in a few years. The stereo controls (gain) has changed. You have to really turn it to get it loud, so it seems you are really “cranking” it. To all who purchase one, it seems like a fine car, and will be fun.
Steve H.
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