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Hi bimmerfest,

From what I under stand DTC is traction control and DSC is stability control to intervene when you get into trouble in a turn.

I would like to know how totally disable DTC so I can peel out of somewhere to make a point(sounds stupid but would have worked great last night).
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hold the button for 10 seconds
The DTC button under the idrive screen by the doorlock button?
Yes, that button is correct. But be careful.
Is that only the traction control? Or the stability control too?
press it once to turn off DTC and DSC will still be on so you cant swerve and die.
Hold it down for 10sec or until the second message comes on and then DSC and DTC are completely off.
The OP has an xi, DSC cannot be turned off, only turned down.

I push the button routinely in the winter. Sometimes it's to make it out of my driveway in deep snow.

And sometimes it's to play rally driver. :thumbup:

Even with the system set at the higher tolerance, it still intervenes when the yaw angle passes
a certain threshold.

Here ya go:

With DSC on, the car modulates the throttle to kill 99.9% of any wheel spin. This is the standard mode.

With DTC on (push button briefly), the car will allow most forward wheel spin, but if it detects side to side movement, it will cut power.

With DSC completely off (hold button for 4 seconds) it will allow any wheel spin.

Most of the time you should just be in the normal DSC mode. For winter/slick driving sometimes turning on DTC is helpful so you can get moving. DTC is a subset of DSC.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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