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DSC light ON , water on RED

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i buy recently an e46 2004 and i have a very strange problem, when the engine is hot, and the water is at 1/2 ( normal position) if i turn the engine off , and i try to on the DSC is remaing on screen , the water is go to 180degree on red and he don`t let me turn on , i have in left panel the DDE light on , where is the problem? i don`t know what to do... today i stay 20min`s on gas station because i must wait engine cooled to turn on , if i stay 10-20 mins and the engine is cooled the car works , i put on a tester.. but no error

one guy tell`s me to change de ecu unit with ews and keys... i hope is not the problem

on walking the car not make problems any kind
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Did anyone work on the cooling system lately ? New thermostat or anything like that ?
Sounds like you might need to bleed the cooling system. There are instructions in the E46 Wiki (see link at the top of every page), also several videos on YouTube.
Good luck !
thank you for your reply, the level of cooling was very low , and i put myself distilled water 0.5L , but i think i don`t say in first post , the engine works perfect normal i can go 100km-1000km no problems, after i turn off engine , i must stay to cold down engine ,the water goes on red if i try to turn on again , not in walking. some guys tell me it is the dde unit , on the tester doesn`t have errors
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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