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DSC light ON , water on RED

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i buy recently an e46 2004 and i have a very strange problem, when the engine is hot, and the water is at 1/2 ( normal position) if i turn the engine off , and i try to on the DSC is remaing on screen , the water is go to 180degree on red and he don`t let me turn on , i have in left panel the DDE light on , where is the problem? i don`t know what to do... today i stay 20min`s on gas station because i must wait engine cooled to turn on , if i stay 10-20 mins and the engine is cooled the car works , i put on a tester.. but no error

one guy tell`s me to change de ecu unit with ews and keys... i hope is not the problem

on walking the car not make problems any kind
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thank you for your reply, the level of cooling was very low , and i put myself distilled water 0.5L , but i think i don`t say in first post , the engine works perfect normal i can go 100km-1000km no problems, after i turn off engine , i must stay to cold down engine ,the water goes on red if i try to turn on again , not in walking. some guys tell me it is the dde unit , on the tester doesn`t have errors
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