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DSC light

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I recently bought this car and the warning light stays on (it's the orange circle with a triangle and exclamation point inside the circle located between the tac & speed).

Most of the time it stays illuminated but sometimes it goes off. It stays on more than off. I pressed and held the button to turn off (according to what I've read in the forums).

How can I fix this as I can't stand warning lights on.....

Thanks. :)
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I'll review that in depth. Thanks...

Thanks everyone.... When I bought the car they bought a different tire & put it on in order to sell the car. The tire place said they may not have plugged the sensor back in or damaged the wires.

Where is this sensor located & what should we be looking for? A wire with a plug/connector??


Thanks for such a great picture. I'm hoping whoever replaced the tire just forgot to plug/attach it back. :). Thanks for the great info as I read your posts all the time.
My fellow experts.....

Hi guys, this person sounds desperate.. It sounds like you need a new thermostat but the guys that have answered me probably know for sure. I'm a new BMW owner myself...
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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