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DSC/traction control light always on

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I have a North American 2000 BMW 528iA with the sport package. Normally I’m just a lurker who figures everything out by reading old threads, but this issue has left me scratching my head so I had to make a post. I recently had the ABS module rebuilt, and after putting the original wheel speed sensors back on (and throwing the Amazon ones in the trash) I fixed the “ABS light trifecta” and all the other associated problems. With that being said, my DSC/traction control light is still constantly on. It is the only light on the dash. I am getting error code 52 “rotation-rate sensor, line” from the ABS module. (I am using a BMW specific scanner and adapter to the 20-pin connector in the engine bay) I believe it is talking about the YAW sensor under one of the front seats (I cannot get a straight answer on the location). I have done the steering angle reset and when reading live data, all is good. I’m fairly certain it’s not the steering angle sensor. The manuals all say code 52 is for a wheel speed sensor, which I know is not my problem since the ABS still works. It seems that the YAW sensor location can very widely depending on the year, can anyone tell me where it is on my car and if that might be my issue?
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Which BMW specific scanner are you using to get the "rotation-rate sensor" error and to read live data ?? And how did you reset the steering-angle sensor after installing the rebuilt ABS ??
And yes, error code 52 from the ABS module indicates a bad rear-left speed sensor or bad inlet valve.
FYI, IIRC, the yaw sensor is located under the driver seat. And I do not think it is your issue..
Well, may be you have the same problem as in that thread.
Can you have access to or borrow INPA and its K+DCAN cable ?
It can directly connect to and read the status of the ABS (DSC57 for your car), the steering-angle-sensor, the yaw-sensor and all other sensors/modules on this car.
If so, run Tool32's test_lenwinkel job : it recalibrates all the steering-angle and yaw sensors, and resets the ABS/DSC errors. Then test again.
Maybe that is all what is needed to fix your DSC error light. It has been the cure for many other bimmers with similar problems.
.... I recently had the ABS module rebuilt, and after putting the original wheel speed sensors back on...
So, why did you rebuild the ABS module ? What was the problem with it anyway ??
Maybe it was not rebuilt right, hence the DSC error light ?
Well, you have many variables for this problem : a correctly rebuilt ABS ?, old and new speed sensors, and a questionable OBD2 scanner.
Tool32 is a software tool part of the INPA suite ("Mike's easy BMW Tools"). But that is not the scanner you have.
Well, forget the -Creator C310+ OBD2 scanner- for a moment. You can check its technical specs later.
You do have the DSC light on, and an error code 52 that does not want to go away. Yes ??
If so, this points to an ABS (DSC57 for this 2003 E39 car) that is disabled , presumably because of a bad rear-left speed sensor (code 52). That is all I can say.
What I was suggesting with the Tool32 test-lenwinkel trick is to clear the DSC light and the errors codes. Then see if they come back again.
So, the persistent error is code 52. The ABS list of errors says : "Code 52 : Wheel sensor rear left or inlet valve rear right".

If you are adamant that the rear left speed sensor is good, then we are left with the possibility of a bad ABS. Its rebuilding has been botched. Specifically, the rear-right inlet valve in the module is bad or broken.
No, yaw sensor has nothing to do with your prroblem.
Yeah, now, I really think the Creator-310 may be screwing the diagnostic. Forget it , and try to get hold of INPA . See rant below.

1. First step: read the ABS status and error codes with INPA, and save them.
2. Second step : Reset the whole ABS/sensors/lights/errors with (Tool32, test-lenwinkel job).
3. Third step: test drive again, then scan and tell us what are the new status and/or error codes from the ABS.

Rant: {Heck, buy the $30 inpa K+DCAN cable; then download and install the INPA software ("Mike's easy BMW Tools") on a Windows laptop. You will then have the most accurate BMW specific scanner and coding tool. It is originally the tool BMW engineers use to configure and check test the new car at the BMW factories before shipment. .!. And much cheaper than the creator. }
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So, did you get hold of INPA to read the ABS/DSC module error codes ? If so, which error codes are popping out of the ABS or DSC module ??
As to the SAS -steering angle sensor- it rarely goes bad, But often, it needs recalibration. And yes, you will need INPA's Tool32 to recalibrate it. That manual method of turning/locking wheels never worked, to my knowledge.
Then replacing the SAS sensor under the seat was a waste of time and money. A new sas sensor MUST be recalibrated to work.
You could have used those $30 to buy an inpa k+dcan cable, then download and install the free INPA software, and fix your problem like a pro indy.
Aha...that sensor under the driver seat is the yaw sensor. It activates the DSC if the car starts yawing like a drunken sailor...typically in an accident, or to avoid a crash. It rarely goes bad though.
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