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Dumb carwash question... tires still drag with auto H turned off...

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So I went through a car wash today with my newly purchased 09' 35d. It felt like the tires were dragging the whole way. As far as I know the Auto H was off... (nothing on the dash and the light wasn't lit).. am I missing something that would make the tires lock and drag while in neutral?

yes I know car washes are to be done by hand with love and care by trained professionals for BMW's, but my x5 is already scratched up from the previous owner.. and it's winter so I need to get the salt off and it's too freezing cold to hand wash
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Before driving into a car wash
The vehicle is able to roll if the following steps are taken.
1. Insert the remote control into the ignition lock, even with Comfort Access.
2. Engage transmission position N.
3. Release the parking brake.
4. Deactivating Automatic Hold, refer to page 64.
5. Switch the engine off.
6. Leave the remote control in the ignition lock so that the vehicle can roll.
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