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Dumb Fuel Tank Question......

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Alright everyone,

This is a really, really dumb question. How big is the gas tank on an E46 328i?????

The reason why I ask is this....from most printed materials including the owners manual, the car has a Fuel Capacity of 16.6 gallons, but the Owners Manual also lists the 2.1 gallon reserve capacity.

I was always under the impression that thte reserve capacity was included in the total 16.6 gallons, but lately, I've noticed that when I'm near empty (yes, I know, it's bad).....I end up putting in approximately 17 gallons.

My question is this...are the pumps ripping me off, do the capacities not include the gaspipe, or is our gas tank actually 18.7 gallons (i.e. reserve capacity is not factored into the 16.6).

Thanks for your help!
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Capacity is 16.6 gallon, reserve is 2.1 gallon...So basically, when the light comes on it should be about 2.1 gallon left in the tank, or 14.5 gallons consumed.

Also, don't forget the capacity IS 16.6 gallon but the other pipe that runs to the tank will accomodate a LITTLE bit of gasoline.
I've managed to put 17.1Gal in my car before. I do 15-16gal regularly.
I noticed that when the pump stops, if I try to top it off and round to the nearest dime or so, that I will overspill.

VDPHB - Remember there's no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people. ;)
The tank capacity is 63 liters, which at 3.78 liters / US gallon works out to be 16.6 gallons.

The extra capacity is probably the fuel filler hose, up to the breather vent.
plus, the lines on the gas gauge are pretty accurate... what i try to do is, lets say the needle is on the tick closest to the E...
that means i can fill approx. 12 gallons... so around 11.5 gallons, i'll stop pumping for a few seconds, to let the gas kinda settle, and then go at it around half power... and around 12 gal. it stops... :thumbup:
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