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Integrated Supply Module problem

Awhile back, I had the same random problem of yellow warning light that says Dynamic Drive Inactive error message that would come on when making a turn.( with a thud sound that seems come from the suspension spring) When the error message is on, the car suspension feels weak and the car rolls like it has no sway bar. The error message would go away when the car is turn off and restarted.
dealer couldn't locate or repeat the error message. I was told about Integrated Supply Module from this board. It is a dealer stock item that costs little more than 120 and its a part you can replace yourself. It's cheap enough to replace to see if it is the problem. I took the chance of replacing the unit. It worked 100%. Don't bother with alternator, suspension, battery,.....because, until the error message comes on while making a turn, your car was working fine, or until the next time the error message comes on. I hope this ends your frustration.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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