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where da clutch at ?
BMW 128i Convertible E88 N52B Executive Package
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Got shot of the RFT's and on go flats

no space in the vert for a spare

and from what I read slime, isnt always a good fix and it wrecks the tires
so I bought this dynaplug.

didnt get to use it on the 128, but wife had a nail in the front tire of her screw in the caravan. I gave it a try
and whilst the first fixing didn't work the 2nd did.

It helps to have a LOW tire pressure and use the reamer to open the hole a bit, also you need to go in at the SAME angle as the nail, I got the top end one, it looks a bit like a t-top, and it was still a HARD push, luckily, it was a front wheel

I can see it being a pain to do rears, especially whilst still on the car.

So far so good for at least 2 weeks now
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