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Hey, I was looking at TV systems and found out the only logical way to upgrade a no-screen car was to install Dynavin.

Dynavin shipped to me with taxes is around 1000$ so I was wondering if anybody has tried these Dynavin clones from China? It's basically half the price.

It doesn't have to be perfect, but they do list all the features I would like, they even include the 'rear camera' feature when reversing.

edit: I have a DSP system with a cassette and 6-CD changer, and after a little Googling it seems like I just saved me about 600$. It seems to be a major case installing these HU's in cars with DSP, either you have to rewire the OEM MID+Casette and have them both plugged in, or install a new amplifier, that probably wont support those 14 speakers like the DSP does.



* 7 inch Digital TFT Touch-Screen
* Built-in Bluetooth with A2DP for hands free call
* USB solt and SD interface on panel
* Built-in GPS Function(optional)
* Dual zone function: drive car listen to music while viewing the map
* Compatible with DVD/VCD/CD/MP4(AVI,ASF)/MP3/CD-R/CD-RW
* AM/FM Radio with 30 presets
* Built-in analog TV tuner (optional)
* Steering wheel control: realize the original wheel steel control without any modification
* Ipod supported
* Volume/bass/treble/bal/fad trumpet electronic
* ESP and anti-shock mechanism
* 4 Channel audio output
* 2 Channel A/V Output
* 1 Channel A/V Input
* Rear view camera input

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I suggest you do a search across all the various BMW forums and you'll see plenty of threads about various cheap chinese replacement BMW head units.

In short, if you purchase you 'might' get a working unit, or, you 'might not' get a fully working unit. The chances of getting one with faults/issues/problems is quite high. Even if you seemingly get a working unit, chances are also high that over a relatively short time, it'll get issues/problems.

As you mention 'it doesn't have to be perfect' it sounds you are willing to take the gamble on one !

You can get a special crossover from G.A.S which allows you to put any aftermarket head unit in the car and retain the DSP speakers.

Good luck !

Cheers, Dennis!
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