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I have a few let over.

- Only $15.50 shipped!
- Works on both 6 button and 13 button OBCs.
- Easy install

Now, if you are anything like me, it's embarrassing to have something broken on your car that is so easy to fix.
Until now, the cost of a new OBC temp sensor (about $80) kept all of us from doing it.

I'll provide full instructions with each unit. But this has to be one of the easier fixes on an e30.

-Crawl under the car where the drivers side fog lamp is.
-Find your old non-working OBC sensor (or the plug if it is stock sensor is missing)
-Cut off the plug
-Attach with supplied quick connects
-Secure the sensor to the car, and enjoy.

I offer two forms of shipping

PREFERRED SHIPPING METHOD: USPS Priority w/tracking - Arrives in 2-3 days,
this is the preferred method of shipping. Add an extra $2.50. Let me know if you want insurance.
Total: $18 shipped

SECONDARY SHIPPING METHOD: USPS first class uninsured w/o tracking. (Due to the lack of tracking, the risk of an error by the post office is on you.)
Total $15.50 shipped

My paypal is [email protected]

BTW, I'll surely be using the money from this little mod to help fund my next mods for e30's. So everyone appreciates your support on this! Not just me!

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