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Hey guys, im new to the forums so im sorry if this is in the wrong section or i am missing vital information,

ill start off with what cars i own for those interested,
1985 318i ( soon to be sr20 hopefully )
1985 323i ( cracked head, not sure what to do with it... )
1992 318i ( possibly selling as i dont need 3 bmws! )
1992 nissan 180sx ( drift car/weekender )

basically i have picked up a 1985 bmw 318i for well FREE. im looking at doing an sr20 conversion, i have no problem doing the conversion but i do have a problem working out power steering!

the model i have does not come with power steering. but i want power steering.

how do i go about achieving this?
find a bmw power steering rack from that model and install?
im presuming an sr20 rack would not fit?

please give me any information possible, anything might help!
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