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E30 turbo build need some help!

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Hey guy this is my first BMW build so looking for input and resources for parts
I have an 86 325es 2.7 eta I bought the car with a turbo setup on it not sure what kind of turbo it is seems like a no name brand stainless header not sure of injectors the turbo went bad first off then skipped time on the belt so I pulled the head off no damage as far as valves but there's pits in the head from a piece of metal that went through it so I'm building a new engine this is what I need

Decent turbo the one that was on it made 18psi .60 trim looking for new or used
What kind of head gasket to use and where can I get it
Is there cams with grinds specific for turbo applications?
What kind of head bolts or studs should be used?

The block is staying stock bore and trying to do without cutting it for o-rings so the head gasket is important block is goin to be decked crank turned .10 undersized polished and knife cut rotating assmbley balanced intake and exhaust ports gasket matched head will be extrada honed next week and polished that's where I'm at so far tossing the idea around for water meth injection too. Any info would be great and if you have parts as far as a turbo let me know thanks everyone!:confused:
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arp head bolts for sure. head gasket, youll need a 3 piece metal gasket to hold that kind of pressure. and 2.7 block isnt the block to go with. 2.5 would be better. or even the m50
Why the 2.5? Just wondering the machine shop hasn't started the work yet so im in the clear there. What's the differences wiring fuel system ect
2.5 is a higher revving motor, so itll have more high end. 2.7 is more low rev, low end power.
That's mostly because the eta is a "low rever" and Turbos work better with higher strung engines like the 2.5 which was built more around power and performance. While the eta engine (2.7) is built around being economical, to get better mileage giving less porformace.

Not sure if that helped but I will say its kinda silly to put a turbo on a eta. Way better on the 2.5 sobc or the m50 dohc.
your best bet is to buy a b25 engine and transfer the head and wiring and intake etc basically everything except the block and the blocks innards on the b27 block. this gives you all the benifits of a b25, with the extra 200cc of displacement, while also lowering compression ready for your turbo
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