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Hello, you may call me Albert or TheEinstein if Andrew doesn't work. Haha :D I have an E34 540i that I am looking for some help with and to provide for. My own personal work with it has been extensive. At the time of writing this: Mileage : 155000
Other Repairs : (Maintenance Not Mentioned: oil services, air filter services, tires, brakes)
@ 85000 Miles
-Repaired Front end collision damage (front clip [hood, bumper, driver fender, grill, headlights], lots of damage to brakes and p.s. equip)
-Repainted most of the car
-Removed Engine Fan - replaced with Electric and a dial adjustable thermostat
-Repaired leaking PS lines - now leaking again :cry:
-Replaced Trunk lock actuator
-Replaced Battery
@ 100000 Miles
-Replaced Trans (w/ Rebuilt)
-Replaced Trans and Engine Mounts
-Replaced Front Thrust Arms, Struts
-Replaced Rear Struts (not the upper mounts) :banghead:
-Replaced Drive Shaft, Center Bearing and Guibo
-Replaced Crankshaft Position Sensor (some short distance out of the shop that did the aforementioned work)
-Replaced Valve Cover gaskets (oil in valley, replaced inner and outer w/ gaskets and sealant)
-Replaced Collector to exhaust pipe seal and bolts
@ 110000 Miles
-Replaced Fuel Pump, and Fuel Pump Relay
-Replaced Intake Boot (AFM Boot)
-Replaced Starter (Starter Relay??? Could be an old unrelated memory)
@ 120000 Miles
-Replaced Radiator
-Replaced Expansion Tank, Expansion Tank Cap
-Replaced Water Pump, Hoses, obviously all new BMW Coolant - previous owner put green sheeeat in it (which I'm convinced destroyed all above, but maybe it was life cycle)
-Replaced Coolant thermostat, thermostat cover (OEM Plastic one, would go metal next time)
-Replaced Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Replaced Battery
-Replaced Cruise Actuator, and Control Module
-Disassembled and re-soldered most connections in ECM, TCM, Cruise Module, and LCM
-Replaced Bosch Voltage Regulator (was rarely running above 13V)
-Replaced Battery
-Replaced Lower Control Arms (what a treat that was)
-Replaced Spark Plugs w/ NGK Plat +4, and Bremi Coil Boots
-Replaced TCM - testing for shifting issues
-Replaced Rear CCV Plate on Intake Manifold - along with stainless steel bolts, rubber caps, and gasket (Holy F!#@ing Nightmare)
-Replaced Throttle Position Sensor
-Replaced DME Relay
-Replaced 70mm and 80mm Idler Pulleys
-Replaced Transmission Internal Socket to Solenoid Harness
-Upgraded to 60w Racing Oil
-Rebuilt Lucas Fuel Injectors
-Replaced Starter
-Replaced Alternator
-Replaced Alt/PwrSt/W.Pump Idler Pulley
-Replaced Power Door Lock Actuators (Driver: front & rear)
-Changed oil back to 10w40 - engine start-up ticking is constantly reducing

Services/Repairs to come: (likely order)
-Rear suspension dog bones
-Rear Springs
-Rear Upper Shock Mounts
-P.Steering lines
-Rear Wheel Bearings
-LSD rebuild
-Engine :rofl: (not a laughing matter) Nikasil :eek:

Plenty other small repairs, just not in the mood after this list of memories.

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I saw green coolant in the refill area. Will this cause issues with my Car? I just bought the car from auction and they put water in it before we drove off. My engine has been very hot but I heard they run hot.
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