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E34 magic

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I thought I would share how happy I've been with my E34. Sure It's got It's wear and tear items, but overall It's an amazing car. It is the only automatic that's fun. It's got plenty of space and power. The ride is smooth but aggressive in a fast corner. I mean just yesterday I put a 4x2 sheet of MDF in the trunk. I pulled a 93 Chevy Suburban with the rear end locked up. Yes I know it was dumb but it was only thing we had to get the job done. It was only 20 feet anyways. But point is, is that Its a beast. I average I believe 24mpg with some spirited diving every once in awhile. It's Truely amazing.
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Glad you enjoy to car and it's nice to see a fellow Wisconsinite!
Yeah lol I think I want to get a 530 or 540 next, but we will see.
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