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Goodday everyone,
So my 36 is a M50 25 non vanos i purchased the car with a bad idle issue first i thought it's a vacuum leak i checked all the hoses and replaced intake gaskets
Problem still present so i thought it's a bad airmass
After searching for a while i find one
I replaced the airmass the car runs 30 mins like ****
Then start to idle very well
And that's it for the last 2 months
I took the car out 2 weeks ago
I pulled a lil bit hard on 2nd gear as soon as i lift my foot of the Throttle the engine suddenly stalls
Try to start again but starts then stalls and starts to misfire very bad while i'm my foot my the throttle
I parked the car and checked the airmass and found that the thin wire inside is broken
So i searched for another airmass after i instal it the car runs extremely rich and cannot hold idle hunting up and down very bad
I decided to replace the fuel filter, still runs the same i checked the coil and was shocked that coil number 1 and number 6 have no earth strap ***x1f610;
So i decided to made 2.5 mm earth straps for the coils ( i fix the straps without removing the be battery terminals)

I try to start after but it won't start cranking cranking no starting
The car have spark and fuel
But won't start
I removed the straps same it won't start
I will appreciate Any advices
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