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E36 318i (1997) irregular idle issues

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Hey guys, I'm a newbie to BMWs so bear with car has a bad idle, it sometimes splutters and stalls. I have bought a new ICV and air flow meter...however I found out that it was driven too low on gas by my friend when I was on vacation...could that have somehow contributed to the problems I am now experiencing?!!
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Too low on mean it ran out? Possible fuel pump damage from overheating (the pump is cooled by the gas around it) but more likely you have vacuum leak(s). Start checking all the hoses on the engine, especially those under the intake manifold. The intake boot, too. Flex it and see if there are cracks in the pleats. Any vacuum leak can cause erratic idle and stalling.
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Yes, running your car OUT of FUEL can contribute to many issues..
GET GOOD FUEL FROM A TOP TIER STATION.. 91octane or BETTER.. Do not let the fuel drop below 1/16th.
It will overheat the fuel pump as HornHospital described above.

Also clean your MAF, and check air filter while you are checking for cracked, dry, or brittle rubber
when searching for vacuum leaks.

NOTE: dont let your buddy drive your BMW again.. :lmao: :roundel:

Ok I just got home from work and read these responses so I'm gonna grab my toolbox and go check some hoses!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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