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Hello im Larry im new here .
I Have Bmw e36 323i M52B25 drift car
EWS bypassed, original DME, . Car was working perfect before. It was in project to put roll cage in and turned it into pickup for last year. Now car wont start.*
After build i tried to start the car but no luck. So i removed Coils and Its was full of water where plugs sit so i cleaned it all out got new spark plugs put it back in still no luck.
Fuel Pump is working fine.*
Checked Fuses, Earths, Relays all good working order.
Got New Crankshaft Sensor.
Tested all 6 coils all around 0.6-0.8 oghm at Primary.
Coil Wires:
All Green wires gets 12v
Brown is earthed
But i dont know whats the voltage for different colours 3rd wire that goes from ecu to coils.*
Everything is working just no spark.
Any ideas anyone would be very helpfull.*
Cranks but does not fire.

Screamin demon
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Only way to bypass ews on obd2 cars is to code the dme.
Test your crank sensor and cam position sensor.
If those are fine do a hard reset.
If that doesnt work check the dme for water and carrosion.
Id check to make aure the coil harness is plugged in and theres no carrosion in there. Also the dme relay.
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