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Just sold my e36. And am now offering the hardtop for sale. Given the great support I've gotten from this forum I wanted to offer it here first. Specs are as follows:

  • Mauritius Blue in color<O:p</O:p
  • A few slight scratches that will polish out<O:p</O:p
  • The rear glass is heated <O:p</O:p
  • Electric reading lights<O:p</O:p
  • The interior roof lining is dark grey (anthracite)<O:p</O:p
  • Suitable for all BMW E36 Convertible Models from 1995-1999<O:p</O:p
  • Hardtop rack and cover<O:p</O:p
  • Video showing the installation process<O:p</O:p
  • Manual specific to the top
Here's a link to the eBay listing:


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Pictures say 1000 words.

What's the color code? How old is it? Lots of use? Paint Fade?
And a price might get some more interest too.

As for you Lou. Need a goodbye thread now to your car

D'oh, You Kids!
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That was four months ago. Most likely sold, since those don't stay around long, but you could PM him and ask. He probably doesn't check this thread any more.
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