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E36 Dieing when driving

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Hi all,
I recently purchased an E36 328i auto with 110k miles on the clock. Everything seemed fine when driving the car until last night; when i put the car into park after a drive the car randomly shut off on its own. I tried to restart it for around about 5 mins before getting out, locking the car, unlocking it again and then it started. So then i decided to drive the car back home and on the way back midway down a hill the car lost power steering and then died in the middle of the road doing about 25 MPH.

I drove the car again today and all was fine until i stopped with the car on for about a minute then the same again the car just kinda stalled. After pulling away that time it was fine until the next set of lights where it did it again. After that it was fine and it seems to be fine when the car it given throttle.

From a quick search i'm seeing similarity to the Idle Control Valve failing but i'm not expert.

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated