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1997 328is manual transmission. when the car starts the engine will cut out if in 1st gear even when clutch is pushed in, or in neutral. giving it gas
however stops this from happening. it also idles rough when in neutral, unless warmed up it seems to get better and after driving around for a while it wont cut out in neutral. basically the car will cut out in any gear unless given gas, until it warms up and then can idle in neutral without cutting out. its happened while driving, getting ready to make a turn downshifting the engine cut out the battery light and check engine lights all come on but if i give it gas i can catch it at the right time and the engine will come back to life and the battery lights will go off and i can continue driving normally, until of course having to shift again. it also gets extremely hard to turn the car when it happens, i guess b/c the power steering
isnt on, but when i either start the car back up, or catch it and the engine turns back on so does the power steering. im very new to cars and still learning! i played around with the carsoft program and got the following errors, please leave responses on what they are and what to do about them!! the help is MUCH appreciated

65 camshaft angle pulse generator
2 ignition coil cylinder 4
227 mixture deviation bank 1
cylinder 1-3
150 signal after KAT bank 1 max limit
228 mixture deviation bank 2
cylinder 4-6
203 lambda regulation limit exceeded : oxygen sensor 2
bank 2
cylinder 4-6 after catalytic converter
01 Key 1 not recognized

again thank you in advance for any info, i love
my first car very very much and hope to keep her running as long as possible so any advice feel free to throw my way

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Holy crap that's a lot of errors. You need to clear them all, then retest in 150mi or so to see what you get.

Anyway, the problem you're having really just sounds like a garden variety vacuum leak or plugged up ICV, both easy enough to fix. There are instructions for cleaning your ICV on and you need to check all your intake vacuum hoses to make sure you're not letting unmetered air in. The underside of the accordian hose is a common culprit.

Welcome to the Fest man.
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