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if they are foggy and you are only looking for non foggy ones, just go to Nappa and get some plastic cleaner and some plastic polish, the guy should know what you are talking about if you mention your foggy head lights, I just did this today to my '93 and other than the normal scratches from being on the front of a car for 180k miles the head lights are now crystal, the stuff costs about $10, goes a long way, and works amazing for cleaning up plastic and defogging

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We have several options for your E36 that you might be interested in.

If you just want angel eyes, you can purchase our Predator Chromium kit which is a full angel eye kit built for your headlights. It includes a lifetime warranty and installation guide.

If you want replacement headlights, you may be interested in our Projector36 which is a complete headlight replacement that changes out your current halogen housings with projector based housings and built in/preinstalled angel eyes. You can equip these with or without HIDs for a true lighting upgrade.

Here are the product pages and please call in (1.888.JLEVISW) or email ([email protected]) with any questions:

Predator Chromiums


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