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So my question is this:
I have a friend with a 94' 318i 4 door automatic. The POS is on it's last legs. It has a 4.44 LSD in it for some reason i do not understand. Normal 91' 318is's come with a 4.10 open small case differential. My friend will gladly give me his if he still has a diff to use so the car can run and be used. I have a spare 4.10 open small case.
The housings are too different to try and just slightly modify the mounting points and make everything work out okay. I am going to have to swap the ring gear and pinion on them if this plan is to work.
Where can i get a rebuild kit for these 2 differentials?
It seems no one (including BMW themselves) really likes messing with the internals of BMW rear ends.
Also, On Korman's site, it mentions that they are able to make a BMW diff in 50% and 75% lock unlike the factory 25% which is not very much IMHO. That leads me to believe that you can just put in more "clutch packs" (if the space is provided for it) into them to achieve a higher percentage lock. Where can i obtain such kits?
Lastly, If the price is not through the roof, I am also considering purchasing a Quaife instead of the internal swap from the 94' 318i automatic.
Anyone running a Quaife? how do you like it and have you driven a BMW e30 (very spirited driving or any type of track driving) with LSD and how do the 2 compare? What percent lock was the LSD? Where or how was the Quaife obtained (if it was a self bought and install of the quaife unit itself and not a purchased, complete differential with the quaife installed) and if you recall the rough cost of such a unit.
Any help on any of these topics would be very much appreciated and I thank whom ever in advance for sharing such knowledge with me.

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If you are not an expert at setting lash and removing anf installing ring gears do not attempt. My local diff shop refused to take apart my diff, said it required special equipment.


R U drifting? If so most E30 dorfitos use the cheap OBX diffs.
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