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i will begin to post pics of the piece i have already removed
some parts listed:
Passenger side mirror
Passenger side airbag round type
rearview mirror
center airvent
airbag sensor module
Passenger Door
2x headlights
third tail light
Braking system parts ( calipers ect. )
Slip ring
window lift motors
Fuel pump & sending unit
328i Defusser
E-brake assembly with lines
328i brake calipers
passenger side tail light
moon roof lift motor
trunk lid
Rear window
Side windows
sun visors
sun visor clips,& lights
Passenger side front Window
various interior lights
various interior parts
various switchs
various screws clips ect.
and tons of under the hood plastic parts!
Seat mounts ect.

Like i said chances arei have it if u need it
Cheap shipping!

Officially Welcomed to The 'Fest!
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can you post a pic of the rear window? and this is for a conv right? lastly, how much
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